A cup of hot tea every day may keep glaucoma away

Your morning cup of tea may have more power than you thought. Researchers have found that drinking a cup of hot tea at least...

Smart phone usage by kids:A warning towards Obesity

If your kid is regularly in the habit of playing games on smartphones before going to bed, he or she may face an increased...

5 Natural Ingredients For Skin Care

In spite of their luring commercials, beauty and skin care products are often filled with chemicals whose lasting effects on the body can be...

Teachers call for ban on energy drinks in schools

One of the UK's largest teaching unions is calling for schools to ban energy drinks from their premises. The NASUWT is warning about caffeine levels...


Bad breath is not something most of us want to be worrying about. In a perfect world we would all have perfect breath all...

Toilet/Potty Training for kids

Some children wear diapers until they are 3. Others learn about the toilet by 6 months old. Then, there are those who wear split-crotch...

Loose weight by Eating slow

People who ate slowly were less likely to be obese or develop metabolic syndrome, according to a Japanese study. Metabolic syndrome occurs when someone has...

Asthma sufferers urged to wear scarves in cold to stop attacks

Asthma sufferers are being encouraged to wear a scarf over their nose and mouth to prevent asthma attacks this winter. Breathing in cold, damp air...

My mom’s guide to raising good men

I feel confident in saying that because all the recent news coverage of indefensible -- and in many cases criminal -- male behavior has...

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