Children’s Health: Back To School tips


It’s that time of the year again when the season begins to change from warm summer days to crisp fall temperatures.

Kids are getting back into a routine and school is officially back in session, and the spread of germs is inevitable.

“In terms of staying healthy, making sure they are up to date on vaccines that’s an easy preventable  thing in terms of preventing infectious diseases,” pediatrician Sam Schimelpfenig said.

As a parent keeping your kids healthy while they are at school isn’t completely in your power, but there are some preventative measure you can take before school.

“Skipping breakfast will definitely catch up with them later in the day and then definitely if they eat something sweet. That kind of just convenient, grab it on the way out the door kind of snack. They get a high bump in sugar and then a pretty quick drop,” Schimelpfenig said.

In addition to a well balanced breakfast first thing in the morning, send a water bottle to school and remind your kids to drink plenty of fluids, especially if they play a school sport.

“For an exercising athlete they will say, depending how hot it is, the environment and how hard they are exercising they may need to be drinking every fifteen to twenty minutes. For the most part water is going to be fine,” Schimelpfenig said.

“With all the germs and illnesses that are sure to be passed around now that kids are back in school, an easy preventative measure is just reminding kids to wash their hands throughout the day.

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“Hand sanitizer is good, you just have to put a good amount on there and really rub it into the hand. Washing your hands with soap and water is really the best thing we can do,” Schimelpfenig said.

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